Nothing like a little fun before a live shot to loosen the mood. 

This is from FOX6 up in Milwaukee. The reporter's name is Amy DuPont. The Facebook post says that Amy is fine even though a fake eyelash was lost in the assault.

To quote Ron Burgandy "That really escalated quickly." I'm guessing they were having a fun and this camera guy just took it a little too far.

Amy handled that like a pro and was pretty well composed when the red light went on considering she took a fastball to the face not 10 seconds earlier.

Well done Amy. Hopefully, you have some decent revenge planned in the future. Remember that snow down the back of a shirt is probably worse than what you went through so I'd start there.

P.S. I'd wouldn't be doing my duty as a blogger if I didn't include a link to this clip.

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