The Cubs-Brewers rivalry has heated up the past few years. 

The proximity to each other has allowed both fans to invade the enemy's ballpark for a festive weekend. We saw a brouhaha break out break out between the two factions earlier this week. The Brewers fan took the worst of it.

Now we have more reported violence coming from Miller Park over the weekend. This time it was between to Milwaukee TV reporters.

The scuffle was between WITI Channel 6's A.J. Bayatpour and Channel 4's Ben Jordan.

Deadspin - Bayatpour works for FOX affiliate WITI Channel 6, while the man he allegedly assaulted, Ben Jordan, works for NBC affiliate WTMJ Channel 4. Neither was attending Friday night’s game against the Cubs for work. Per the police report obtained by FTV Live, Bayatpour had been “ridiculing” one of his coworkers, Madeline Anderson, who is dating Jordan. When Jordan stepped in, Bayatpour is said to have punched him and “caused a significant injury.”

No word yet on who is going to be suspended for how long, but there are sure to be some repercussions.

It seems like both parties were off the clock. If you've ever been to Miller Park before you know it's basically impossible to not drink beer there if you don't have to work. Not saying that had anything to do with it but it definitely had something to do with it.

Remember folks, it's just baseball. Not something to lose your job or bodily fluids over.

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