I don't know about you, but here's what I literally hope and pray will happen every time I go through any fast food drive-thru, including McDonald's:

They get at least some part of my order right.

That's really about it. I would love it if someone could actually get my order correctly put together, bagged, and handed over to me. It doesn't seem like all that much to ask, but anyone who's ever opened up their bag to find multiple things missing knows that it seems like missing food items are the rule, not the exception.

So is giving some random dude a bag of cash (which is not offered on any menu boards I've ever seen).

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No. Thank you, McDonald's! (Getty Images)

Luckily For The Golden Arches, The Man This Happened To Is A Good, Decent, And Honest Man, Who Did What Good, Decent, Honest People Do

No, he didn't take the money and buy McDonald's a new ice cream machine to replace the one that hasn't worked since Jimmy Carter was president. He gave the cash back.

Josiah Vargas stopped into a McDonald's in Elkhart, Indiana a few days back with the idea of grabbing himself a Sausage McMuffin and getting on with his day. But, when he checked the bag, he discovered that there was quite a bit more than the McMuffin waiting for him. Then, he did what good guys should do.

Rather than recount the tale for you, here's Josiah himself to do it:

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