Anyone else feel like we've been living life with no rules the past four months? Sometimes it feels like we're all staring in latest end of the world movie. So why not throw a real life treasure hunt into the mix?

Michigan J&M Jewelers in Washington Township was one of the many businesses hurt by COVID-19 and they were forced to close permanently. So owner Johnny Perri and his wife came up with a creative way to get rid of the rest of their inventory. A statewide treasure hunt.

Interested treasure hunters can register for $49 to participate in "Johnny's Adventure Quest", which begins Aug. 1. UPI details -

Participants will receive clues toward the locations of treasure stashes -- featuring jewelry and other items made from gold, silver and other valuable materials -- in various areas of the state.

People who dig up the buried treasure, which Perri said he is tracking with GPS devices, can either keep the items they find or return them to Perri in exchange for their cash value.

I know we're in Illinois, but I feel like adding "found buried treasure" to our 2020 resume sounds like the best thing ever.

Register to go hunting HERE!

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