It looks like The Last Dance couldn't quite entice anyone to pull the trigger on this 8-figure estate in Highland Park. 

Go back to the beginning of the pandemic when ESPN blessed us with the early release of The Last Dance, the story of the final championship run of the 90s Bulls. All of a sudden, everyone's talking about the 90s Bulls again. Dominated the media landscape for about 6 weeks.

Many thought that the newfound interest in MJ and the Bulls would help move his mansion in Highland Park that has been on the market for a looooong time.

When it originally went on the market it was listed for $29 million in 2012, when The Last Dance was the rage, the price had dropped considerably: - It's currently listed for $14,855,000, the digits of which total 23.

Of course, it totals 23.

Well, that article was from a year ago. Now, according to the:

  • 32,683 sqft
  • 9 Bedroom
  • 19(!) Bathroom
  • 14 Parking Spaces
  • .75 Acre lot
  • Private pool
  • Washer
  • Dryer

Is now selling for $12.9 million, down almost $2 million in less than a year and more than half of the original asking price. ("Asking price" might not be the right phrase but I don't speak realtor.)

Jordan's place dwarfs the neighborhood average price for a home which again, according to, is $511,114. Highland Park is very nice but it's not the Gold Coast where those kinds of price tags reside.

Other than the "23" emblazoned on the front gate and the Jumpman logo at half court of his gym, it's not overly "MJ"ed.

That last shot is a circular infinity pool with a bridge to a grassy island. It is sweet.

MJ's not sweating this in the least.

Jordan net

His IMAX movie Michael Jordan To The Max is being released later this summer. Maybe that will increase his popularity enough to move the estate.

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