My friend Justin, a native Australian, loves going to Outback Steakhouse.

I asked him if it made him feel like he was back home in The Land Down Under, and he responded by cracking up laughing. Loudly.

"Oh, God, no!" he managed to get out during between guffaws, "We don't have anything like this place at home!" Justin is from outside Brisbane, Australia. "Don't get me wrong, mate, I love Outback, but seriously, it's about as Aussie as you are, Riley."

I asked if the Bloomin' Onion he was in the process of devouring was something that he and his "mates" enjoyed back home, but he told me he had never seen or heard of one until coming to America. "I hope someone does start making them at home, because I'm seriously addicted to them now!"

I'm guessing the same sort of transference is taking place in the video above. My favorite line has to be when the woman sampling the Taco Bell fare says "It's an explosion of flavor!"

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