Your favorite McDonald’s menu item might be on the way out.

Bloomberg reports that in an effort to speed up its kitchens and simplify customers’ choices, McDonald’s is getting rid of the Deluxe Quarter Pounder burger and six chicken sandwiches over the next few months. Honey mustard and chipotle barbecue snack wraps also have been cut.

The move is described as a "rolling removal," which means the items will stop being offered as individual restaurants run out of product.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images

McDonald’s new chief executive officer, Steve Easterbrook, is facing six straight quarters of declining same-stores sales in the U.S., along with pressure to sell healthier fare. While axing some sandwiches helps to condense the bloated menu, McDonald’s still has about 40 more items than it did in 2007, according to menu researcher Datassential in Los Angeles.

That said, as some items are left behind McDonald's also is adding some new product. The company brought back Chicken Selects this year and is testing all-day breakfast in the San Diego area. A new sirloin burger is coming soon too.

As long as I still can grab a Shamrock Shake during the month of March I'm OK with whatever is done.