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Just as Illinois fully "reopens" the Wrigleyville faithful did not disappoint with their return to being the biggest partiers on the planet.

Comedian Bill Murray made mention on Saturday that as he was going for his early morning walk around Wrigley Field, the Wrigleyville loyal were already in 7th inning stretch mode. Drinking, yelling, and more drinking...Go Cubs Go!

Then there was the "snake" Sunday night. As the Chicago Cubs were in the process of sweeping the rival St. Louis Cardinals, the "Bleacher Creatures" were tending to a 100 foot snake...made of beer cups.

Now I've played the "hold the cup" game in the bleachers. Done the cash in the cup "betting" during the game in the bleachers during a Chicago Cubs game, but never have I witnessed this:


I first noticed this around the 7th inning and it continued the rest of the game...Talk about teamwork! The best part about Sunday night's game being the "national" ESPN game, we got the 4th grade level insight of A. Rod in the ESPN booth trying to explain the "Cup Snake." Man that dude should not be on TV...."You see, they drink beer in the bleachers and when they are done with their beer they add a cup to the snake...No, are you sure A. Rod??

Go Cubs Go!



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