What happens when you're an avid superhero fan and a world class inventor?

Well, probably nothing that really and truly benefits humanity, but nonetheless, something really cool.

Inventor Patrick Priebe loves Iron Man and Spider-Man (more on his Spidey invention in a moment) so much, that he put his rather considerable skills to work coming up with a real-life counterpart to Iron Man's laser and projectile firing gauntlets. He says he was disenchanted with costume shop "prop" gauntlets, so he came up with this (watch what it can do to balloons, oranges, and wood):

I mentioned that he's a Spider-Man fan as well. Here he takes us from lasers to webshooters:

All very impressive, no doubt about it. However, I'd be willing to wager that he's got a wife, girlfriend, or mom who's still waiting for him to change a lightbulb or fix that dripping sink.