If you've ever been on a picnic, it's pretty standard right?  Picnic basket, blanket, and some snack... and maybe wine.  Have you ever heard of a luxury picnic?

I was looking for a unique place for a date night and stumbled upon this "luxury picnic" in Chicago. It's basically like a regular picnic, but you can customize the setup any way you'd like!  It's actually pretty cute, I'd totally do it if I was into picnics haha.


In Oz Park in Chicago, you can get an all exclusive date night for you and your boo, or just a date night all to yourself!  Oz Park also has so much more to offer if you're looking for a day trip to Chicago!

You have options when you book with Luxperience!  You can add on fun games to play, flowers to surprise your date, and even book a gazebo to sit under to enjoy your desserts.

Like above, a fruit tray is also one of the options on the list - who doesn't like chocolate covered strawberries in a romantic setting?!

If you're looking to propose, this might be the place to do it... look how beautiful this view is.  I'd die if someone surprised me with this and popped the big questions, OMG!

To make it a little more fun, add a Paint & Relax package to your experience.  Get a little messy and vibe with whoever you bring along on this journey.

If you're interested in booking soon, visit their website!  You can find all the details there.  Stay safe and have a wonderful date night out!

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