It's always a good time when you're having fun in the sun at one of the most lit beaches in Illinois - North Avenue Beach that is!

I've always seen in movies people going all out for Spring Break, birthday parties, and bangers on the beach with their entire high school.  Sadly, I never experienced that because I live in the Midwest, but it does sound like a wild time.  The good news?  I might actually get the chance to live out what I see in the movies, and so can you at Chicago Social's 90s Throwback Party at North Avenue Beach!


Ready to make your Summer hella tight? Strap on your fanny pack and get ready for blasts from the past because our 90’s Beach Party is back.

On June 25th, let's rewind and strap on that fanny pack and party the night away!  Who doesn't love day drinking on the beach?


Along with bumpin' music, there will be a DJ playing 90s songs, party games you'd only see way back when, local vendors, delicious food, and stations to take the ultimate 90s photos with your friends!

There are 2 different packages you can choose from to get into the event, the Drink Package and General Admission Package. 

The General Admission is just your pass to enter the party grounds, but the Drink Package includes 6 drink vouchers; select from Corona Extra/Light, Corona Hard Seltzer & Summer Sangria, and non-alcoholic drinks too!

Dress up with your friends and enjoy a blast from the past in Chicago this month!  A party that'll be so epic you'll have a fear of missing out.

To find tickets, visit the website!  The party will be held at North Avenue Beach, 1600 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago from 11AM-7PM.

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