Life is a journey, filled with ups and downs, trials and tribulations, joy and sadness and so much more; sometimes we get to experience those instances with a loved one or friends and some times we're left to face them alone.

Sometimes it's easier to tackle life's problems alone, especially if you're an extremely, strong and prideful person; it makes it hard to ask for help because maybe you don't want anyone to know that while you're smiling on the outside, everything is falling apart on the inside.

I don't know what this Loves Park woman's circumstance is, but I can understand the fear and frustration that comes with being upset over your job situation and not being able to pay for food- whether it's for you, your kids or your pets. I can only imagine how hard it must be for her to reach out to a friend or family member for help, which is maybe why she called the Loves Park Police Department on Sunday night.

The Loves Park Police Department shared this woman's story on their Facebook page; along with a photo of Sergeant Wilson who helped diffuse her situation in an unexpected and heartwarming way.

Thank you, Sergeant Wilson, for doing such an incredible job; you had a hand in helping this woman take the first step in getting the help she needs and I hope she's doing well.