Package theft is nothing new, it's the brazenness of this pilfering that makes it so shocking.

MyStateline - Surveillance footage shows the moment a man gets out of his black truck and steals the package -- seconds after it's delivery. That box belongs to (Savannah) Fitchie and her fiancé Anthony Fritch. They first discovered something happened with their order after receiving an email about it being delivered.

What makes this scary is the fact that these people weren't being negligent and leaving their package on the porch for hours. This thief was basically stalking the UPS truck and following the delivery driver up to the door.

How do you stop this kind of theft? I don't really think you can.

If you recognize the person or truck in the video please contact Crime Stoppers or the Loves Park police. In the meantime let's try to remember that we live in a society and follow a couple of basic rules.

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