It's that time of year once again. The time when my wife Amy gets totally involved in watching how another mom is raising her kids. Except the other mom is a bald eagle living in Iowa.

Every year, right around this time, I begin to hear my wife saying things like, "Oh, you're getting so big!" and "Look at that! They're moving around!"

At first, I worried that the "getting big" remark was directed at me, while the "they're moving around" line was definitely a reference to our kids, who usually aren't moving around until the crack of noon.

But, no.

Amy, and (I'm guessing) thousands of eagle-lovers like her, are tuned into a live-stream of the Decorah Bald Eagles. Decorah is northwest of Dubuque, near the Minnesota/Iowa border.

The Decorah eagles are nesting near the Decorah Trout Hatchery, located at 2325 Siewers Spring Road in Decorah, Iowa.

From their website:

In general, they begin courtship in October, productive mating in late January or early February, and egg-laying in mid to late February. Hatching usually begins in late March to early April, and the eaglets fledge in mid-to-late June. While young usually disperse between August and October, the adults remain on territory year round. They eat live and and dead fish, squirrels, other birds, rabbit, muskrat, deer, possum and anything else they can catch or find.

Sure, you could look up eagle courtships and stuff on Wikipedia, but the real fun of the Decorah Eagles website is the high-definition (with sound) 24/7 live stream of eagles doing eagle stuff:

To learn more about the Decorah Eagles, including tips on when and how to visit Decorah to see the eagles, click here.

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