What a way to roll dirty...You had a few too many, you've got the pedal to the floor, and your best friend is right next to you...Oh, your best friend is a chicken. MyStateline

Oak Creek, Wisconsin police pulled over a man that they received reports about. This dude was all over the place, swerving, pecking, wings flapping and not in full control of the vehicle.

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This was the 911 call:

“There’s a guy behind us and he has a...he’s driving really reckless but he has a hawk in his car.” 

A hawk...close buddy, close. It was a chicken not a hawk. Can you imagine the 911 operator? I'm SURE they hear just about anything and everything, but a hawk?

Raw chicken in the water isolated on white background. Ready for cooking.

Officers pulled over Ernesto Martinez-Garnica of Milwaukee and awarded him his THIRD DUI...But what about his co-pilot?

Jack Puccio

Yes, Ernesto was driving with a LIVE CHICKEN in his car! What an amazing co-pilot. Does he wear a seatbelt? Is there a car seat for a chicken?

The officers report, so good:

"Besides numerous empty cans of beer, I did notice that there was a live chicken fluttering around the inside of the vehicle."

You "noticed?" That's a great way to put it. Dude is drunk, and there's a live chicken that you "noticed."

So we have been in cars with crazy screaming kids...Maybe a dog that wants attention, and that can lead to some madness while driving. Could you imagine a CHICKEN flying around? Kinda makes me hungry. The only chicken I'm driving with will be fried, thank you very much.

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