2020 was definitely an uncomfortable year, and 2021 isn't really shaping up to be whole lot better. In dealing with all the things we've dealt with over the last year, one thing is pretty clear--we're reaching for "comfort foods" more than ever before.

In a discussion on the WROK Morning Show of our favorite comfort foods, I went with some of my childhood/adulthood picks like meatloaf and mashed potatoes, a noodles, beef, and corn casserole that my mom called "French Casserole," and my all-time go-to option of grilled cheese sandwiches. Joe Dredge, our resident food expert, went with tacos.

As for the state of Illinois, one of the two of us is in the ballpark of favorite comfort foods, and...it's not Joe.

MentalFloss.com took a look at each state's favorite comfort food based upon what folks are searching for on Google. Looking over the listings from coast-to-coast, it's pretty clear that almost anything you like qualifies as comfort food.

So, what is Illinois' most-searched for/favorite comfort food? It's this:

Stack of grilled cheese sandwiches on cutting board close up
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The grilled cheese sandwich. The above photo is kind of dull, so maybe you prefer something a bit fancier:

Getty Images
Getty Images

There. That's better. Cheese could be meltier, though. However, like roses, a grilled cheese sandwich by any other name...is still pretty awesome. It's an all-American favorite, loved by kids and adults alike.

Unlike Wisconsin's choice of comfort foods. I figured Wisconsin would go with cheese curds, brats, other cheese curds, beer, etc. Nope. Wisconsin's favorite comfort food is chicken and mushroom soup.

Our other Midwestern neighbors are into these comfort foods (MentalFloss):

  • Iowa: Monkey Bread
  • Indiana: Biscuits and Gravy
  • Michigan: Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Missouri: Baked Potato Soup
  • Kentucky: Chicken and Dumplings


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