This has been quite the animal-centric week. First, we're treated to a flurry of black bear sightings in and around the Rockford area, then we get the story about something so big it ate a 9-foot shark, then Scot wrote about the world's oldest cat losing the title (in the usual way).

However, the animal stories (hat-tip to Uncle Lar and Li'l Tommy) keep on coming. The two that I'm thinking of in particular involve guys doing things that I've got to believe I would never, ever contemplate.

Let's start with the gator-feeding goofball in Louisiana:



Next, it's a young man in Sydney, Australia, and his Go-Pro camera:



In the interests of transparency, there have been a bunch of people (out of the 5 million or so viewers) who claim the shark footage is fake. Whatever. It's Australia, "Land Where Almost Everything Wants to Kill and/or Eat You."

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