After eighteen years, Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago loses legendary attraction.

Bad News For Fans Of Lincoln Park Zoo

Next time you visit Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, there is one less thing you will be able to do. That is purchase a souvenir out of a Mold-A-Rama machine.

According to Mold-A-Rama's Facebook page...

"After 18 years, we have removed our machines from the Lincoln Park Zoo today August 6, 2021."
"After years of trying to increase sales with suggestions of changing out molds, moving locations, or even adding machines, the zoo has been unwilling."
"One is going to the Field Museum and the other to the Museum of Science and Industry."

Sad Day For Mold-A-Rama Fans

This is a big deal. Mold-A-Rama has been a very popular item sold at the major museums and zoos in Chicago for years. Besides Lincoln Park Zoo, you can find them at Brookfield Zoo, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum, and more.

Growing up, it was my favorite thing about visiting those places. My parents would sometimes let me pick out something to buy for a memory of the day. I would always want something out of one of those Mold-A-Rama machines.

My all-time favorite one is the gorilla.

Mold-A-Rama Gorilla
Mold-A-Rama Gorilla

I got this one at Brookfield Zoo a couple of years ago.

To find out where all of the Mold-A-Rama machines are located, check this out...

What Is Mold-A-Rama

If you are not sure what this whole thing is all about do not worry. I have got you covered. This Video will explain it to you.

Video: Maintaining Mold-A-Rama: Chicago’s Very Own Souvenir Machine

For more info about Mold-A-Rama, HERE.

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