Next to this popular Illinois stadium, legal weed is now for sale.

Legal Recreational Marijuana In Illinois

I think by now, most people in Illinois know that recreational marijuana in Illinois is legal and it has been a huge success earning millions of dollars. The much-needed expansion was delayed because of the pandemic but is now a full go with new locations opening throughout the state.


Wrigleyville Is Chicago's Party Zone

The area around Wrigley Field, known as "Wrigleyville," has been a big party location for many years. The iconic stadium's business neighbors are mostly bars. It has been known to get a little crazy at times. I forget sometimes that it is an actual neighborhood with residents too. Unless you are a young adult looking to have a good time, could you imagine living there? It would definitely be difficult to get anything productive done.

max-bender-LgOmIV4bknE-unsplash (1)
max-bender-LgOmIV4bknE-unsplash (1)

Do Cub Fans Care About Baseball

One of my long-time friends is convinced that Cub fans do not actually care about baseball. His opinion is that they are only there to party. That is why the stadium is filled all summer no matter what the team's record is. He compares it to a Jimmy Buffet concert. Speaking of that, Wrigley Field now also hosts a handful of shows each year. Just a few more opportunities to let loose in the neighborhood.


Big Changes In Wrigleyville

If it has been a while since you have been to a Cubs game, Wrigley Field, and Wrigleyville, then you are in for a big surprise on your next visit. The team has made huge improvements to the stadium and the neighborhood. It is completely different. You might not even recognize it anymore.


Wrigley Field Has A New Neighbor

A marijuana dispensary has moved in next to Wrigley Field. Concerning the party atmosphere with the Cubs and concerts along with changes in the neighborhood, I am not surprised at all.

In fact, it is so close to Wrigley Field that Kyle Schwarber has hit longer home runs.

Video: Chicago Cubs | Top 10 | Longest Home Runs

If you are familiar with the area, it is located in the former John Barleycorn building.

Next time you are heading to a game or concert and forget your weed, there is no need to worry because you can buy some right next door to Wrigley. How weird is that?

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