The Chicago Public Schools added 8 elementary schools to the list that tested positive for lead in the water bringing the total up to 43.

The new schools added to the list include Darwin, Deneen, Disney II, Funston, Goudy, Penn, Smyth and Solomon.

The CPS has said that all families of possibly affected children have been notified.

While administrators say that the majority of the contaminated water was sampled from old, seldom used faucets the fact that 43 elementary schools in Chicago have tested positive is simply alarming. The CPS began testing for lead after the crisis in Flint became a national story out of "an abundance of caution."

134 schools have been tested. Which means that 43 failed tests account for just less than a third of schools failing the inspection.

Fortunately both the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago have all their finances in order so this problem will be taken care of shortly.  For a full list and map of schools that have been tested head over to their website here.