You're going to want to reserve the third Saturday in July to check out this massive beer fest that was just announced for Beloit, Wisconsin next summer.

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The Lager Than Life (A+ name) festival just announced that it will return for its second year to the surging southern Wisconsin town.

From their press release:

The 2023 Lager Than Life Beer Festival already has 28 breweries commited to attend with more than 30 breweries expected to offer their premier versions of the beer style. Lager beers come in a wide variety of styles and each brewery looks forward to putting their own unique spin on their version that they will bring next summer. Participating breweries include Karben4, Dovetail, G5, and 2022 Attendee Choice Winner 608 Brewing Company.

That's right! An entire beer fest that will be devoid of the dreaded IPA, the beer trend that has dominated tap handles for the last 20 years, to the chagrin of many.

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IPAs became insanely popular in the mid-2000s and until recently you couldn't go to a bar without about 40% of the tap handles being devoted to I.P.As.

The India Pale Ales were very popular with trendy beer drinkers, but the extreme hoppy flavor was not for everyone. The IPA became synonymous with craft brewing for a while but the fad is starting to decline as shown by this beer festival dedicated solely to the easier drinking lager style.

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The Lager Than Life festival will take place along the picturesque Rock River at Preservation Park in the town of Beloit, rain or shine. Attendees will receive a sample glass to try all the beers and take home.

Food trucks, music, and complimentary water will be available to all attendees.

A complete list of all attending breweries and more details about the event can be found here. 

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