So, you've just opened up your delivery from Amazon Prime, only to discover that those really cool pants are too big, and that gadget that you just had to have isn't really all it's cracked up to be. Instead of going to all the trouble of arranging a return back to Amazon, now you can just take it to Kohl's and let them do it for you (assuming you live in one of the two cities now offering the service).

According to a new report, Amazon and Kohl's are continuing their BFF ways after both companies announced earlier in the summer that Kohl's would begin selling Amazon devices, such as the Echo and Fire tablets, at 10 of its stores.

This morning, Kohl's said it will begin accepting returns at certain U.S. locations. The retailer will pack and ship eligible items back to an Amazon fulfillment center for free.

From CNBC:

Starting next month, the Amazon return service will be available at 82 Kohl's stores across Los Angeles and Chicago. Kohl's hasn't said when the service will expand to other markets, but this looks to be just the beginning of Amazon using retailers' real estate to its advantage. In acquiring supermarket chain Whole Foods, Amazon has launched a similar service, where shoppers can return purchases made on at the grocer's more than 400 stores.

Notably, for Kohl's this deal could lure consumers into stores to make a return, where they might later shop. And falling foot traffic has become a threatening trend for many retailers this year.

Troubled retailer Sears is also looking for help from Amazon in selling some of their appliances (especially those that work with Amazon's Alexa) on the Amazon website.

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