Am I the only one that has been driving by Forest Plaza on East State Street in the last few weeks wondering when Binny's Beverage Depot will officially open in the former Forever 21 space?

The 'opening soon' signs have been taunting me for weeks, and yesterday I finally saw the answer I have been looking for...kinda.

Binny's posted on Facebook yesterday that the Rockford store is opening in October, but I'd be lying if I say I didn't need more.

Let's start with the good news; it says Binny's in Rockford opens in October and we are currently sitting at October 23, so we literally only have days left to wait. But...I need to know exactly what day I will be able to begin perusing their aisles for my next favorite Fall brew.

Here comes the semi-bad news; after a thorough search on Google I have not been able to find an official opening date.

Binny's website lists Rockford as 'Coming Soon'.

Forest Plaza's website lists Binny's Beverage Depot as 'Coming Soon'.

All other Google results involved stories from this past May announcing Binny's was coming to Rockford, so I'm going to guess that Binny's Beverage Depot in Rockford will be opening in time for next weekend, which also happens to be Halloween weekend, so of course we will be doing a lot of drinking. (I have pretty amazing detective skills, huh? LOL!)

Think we should just start lining up outside the store this weekend and hope they will let us in for a preview? Asking for a friend...

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