Actor John Cusack enjoys going to baseball games. You've seen him (and heard him) at Chicago Cubs games, and he also is a White Sox fan.

Now, I get it...Some of you don't like that. Some of you don't think that should be allowed. You pick one side of town and you cheer them on. I didn't grow up on a certain side on the city, I am a Cubs fan, but I did go to a White Sox game this year and it was a fantastic time.

Now throw in the whole "yah, but you're a famous guy" and people have a problem with it. "White Sox Dave" from Barstool Sports has has enough of Cusack switching sides and "only liking the team that wins" and he confronted John.

With IPhone recording, White Sox Dave who "banned" Cusack from cheering for both team, confronted John Cusack. Check this out!


The exchange had some amped up emotion running high, and the Twitter battle that followed got even spicier. John Cusack really took to "White Sox Dave." (This section is NSFW)

The beauty of social media...the two could have had a lively conversation and called it a day. But no, you MUST post every conversation and every little thing that happens for the world to see.

Who do you side with in this battle? Can you be a Cubs AND Sox fan? According to White Sox Dave, no. John Cusack says it's ok.

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