The ONLY Super Bowl-winning QB in Bear's history had some strong words for his former team. 

Then to rub even more salt in the wounds of Bear fans, he also claims that the Green Bay Packers was the best franchise he was ever with in the NFL. The same Green Bay Packers team, that when they won the Super Bowl, McMahon showed up at the White House in a Bears jersey.

ProfootballTalk - It (Green Bay) was the best team, or the best organization, that I've played for of the seven teams I've played for...From top to bottom it was great people...McMahon said the Bears have always emphasized defense and the running game and have never been able to develop a quarterback.

The worst part about all this for Bear fans is that deep down, maybe not even that deep, they know the punky QB is right.

I've done this before but I'm going to do this again. Here is a list of the QBs that started at least one game for the Bears since McMahon left the team:

  1. Steve Fuller
  2. Mike Tomczak
  3. Doug Flutie
  4. Mike Hohensee
  5. Steve Bradley
  6. Jim Harbaugh
  7. Peter Tom Willis
  8. Will Furrer
  9. Steve Walsh
  10. Erik Kramer
  11. Dave Krieg
  12. Rick Mirer
  13. Steve Stenstrom
  14. Moses Moreno
  15. Shane Matthews
  16. Cade McNown
  17. Jim Miller
  18. Chris Chandler
  19. Henry Burris
  20. Kordell Stewart
  21. Chris Chandler
  22. Rex Grossman
  23. Craig Krenzel
  24. Chad Hutchinson
  25. Jonathan Quinn
  26. Kyle Orton
  27. Brian Griese
  28. Jay Cutler
  29. Todd Collins
  30. Caleb Hanie
  31. Josh McCown
  32. Jason Campbell
  33. Jimmy Clausen
  34. Matt Barkley
  35. Brian Hoyer
  36. Mitch Trubisky
  37. Mike Glennon
  38. Chase Daniel
  39. Nick Foles

Sorry if that made you throw up.

It looks like Andy Dalton will be number 40 on this list. Will he buck the trend? Probably not but Bear fans, I'm sure, can't wait to complain about him. I know I can't. It's really all we know how to do as fans of a "cursed" franchise. And when I say cursed I mean run by the McCaskey's.

You can check out the interview with 1252 Sports here:


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