There is a species of beetle, commonly found in Indiana and much of the eastern United States that has a rather unique defense mechanism. Several people refer to it as cussing or yelling - which I guess is what you deserve for messing with a beetle - but the truth is it's more like a squeak.

Cussing beetle
Facebook/Andrea Drummond

That's a Big Brown Beetle

The Brown Prionid Beetle is a longhorn beetle, although it doesn't have horns at all - it does have really long antennae. They have big eyes and a big set of pinchers which they use to chew/dig into old, rotting wood. Those pinchers can also deliver a pretty painful bite if the beetle feels threatened. Another interesting defense mechanism the Prionid Beetle has is the ability to make noise in the hopes of scaring off an attacker. The beetle rubs its back legs, which are covered in spines, to make the squeaking sound that some people call "beetle cussing."

Don't F#$%ing Touch Me!

I imagine that's what the subtitles would say if we could translate the sounds coming from this beetle. Either that or the Brown Prionid Beetle is really ticklish and the sound we're hearing is actually laughter. That's a fun way to look at it. By the way, the finger in the video above belongs to Andrea Drummond who shared the video and pics on Facebook. This particular beetle was found in Virginia but, like I said, they are also common in Indiana and the rest of the Tri-State.

Cussing beetle
Facebook/Andrea Drummond

Where and When Can I Find/Hear a Cussing Beetle?

Brown Prionid Beetles are usually active at night and can be found near soft, decaying stumps and other types of lumber, including firewood and railroad ties. They are attracted to light, too, so that might help you find some if you are so inclined.

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