If you love enjoying breakfast at Johnny Pamcakes in Rockford, IL, I'm happy to tell you they have a big expansion in the works!

Favorite Breakfast Stops in Rockford, IL

Anytime we ask where the best places to go for breakfast in the 815 area are, two restaurants ALWAYS top the list...Stockholm Inn and Johnny Pamcakes.

Google Street View, Canva
Google Street View, Canva

Everyone knows that THE thing to order at Stockholm Inn is Swedish pancakes, but many people might not realize that the Swedish pancakes at Johnny Pamcakes are to die for as well.  (I am 75 percent Swedish and I take Swedish pancakes very seriously, so I am well qualified to say that).

If you've never enjoyed a meal at Johnny Pamcakes before, (they serve more than just breakfast), or you're well versed in their deliciousness, they just shared some big news you'll want to know about.

Johnny Pamcakes Announces New Location Coming Soon

Currently, Johnny Pamcakes has two locations in the Rockford area; one at 3700 E State St. and one in Cherry Valley inside Kegel Harley Davidson at 7125 Harrison Rd. One of those locations will be closing soon, but don't worry...it's not a bad thing!

Johnny Pamcakes has been teasing us about big news to come...

And now it's finally here!

Johnny Pamcakes will be moving OUT of Cherry Valley and INTO Belvidere! They have purchased the former Firebox location at 120 Buchanan Street in Belvidere, and a new, bigger restaurant isn't the only things they're cookin' up!

When Will Johnny Pamcakes in Cherry Valley Be Closing?

The Johnny Pamcakes location in Cherry Valley will be open through February 25, 2024, and they are hoping to "tentatively" open the doors of the new Belvidere location in the first week of March. I for one can't wait to try their new breakfast pizzas first!

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