Before we get to the dozens and dozens of adorable dog and cat pictures that were shared from around the Rockford region for National Pet Day, we've got something important for all pet owners.

National Pet Day is Also Check on Your Pets Day

April 11 is National Pet Day, and according to our friends at National Day Calendar, it's dedicated to pets "who may not always get the companionship and attention pets deserve."

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For those who have a dog, cat, rabbit. or another furbaby, here are a few things you should do every year on National Pet Day to keep your buddies safe and happy.

  • Go through all your pet toys and throw away anything that's broken or can't be cleaned.
  • Make sure all of your dogs' vaccinations are up-to-date and set vet appointments if needed
  • Check dog collar information to confirm numbers, addresses, etc. are correct.

Illinois and Wisconsin Have the Coolest Dogs and Cats in America

For National Pet Day, you shared pictures of your dog or cat with us, and here are some of the favorites that were sent in.

Best Pets in Illinois and Wisconsin

Pictures of dogs and cats to celebrate National Pet Day during the Ride Home with Johnny V. on Q 98.5.

Gallery Credit: Johnny Vincent

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