If it seems like we have not had sunshine or anything close to mild temperatures for a while, you would be right. And it doesn't look like we have anything resembling a warm-up in the near future.

According to the current forecast from the Weather Channel, it will drop below freezing in Rockford on Saturday night (1/21), and then we have a stretch into February where it will struggle to reach 30 degrees for a daily high temperature.

The weekend forecast for the Rockford region has high temperatures in the lower 30s and overnight lows in the lower-20s to teens.

After the weekend, there's one day when we should hit the mid-30s (1/24), then we don't get over 32 degrees in the extended forecast through February 2.

Snow doesn't seem to be much of a factor in the current weather predictions from the Weather Channel.

There's a chance of flurries with little or no accumulation this Sunday morning (1/22) for Rockford, IL and Beloit, WI. About an inch of accumulation is predicted for Wednesday, January 25 when the next significant snowmaker is developing.

The average high temperature for January 20 is 29 degrees with the average low at 15.

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