cold weather

Rockford is Not Far From America's Best Hot Chocolate
It's a cold day in the Rockford area. Expected high temperature of about 22 degrees, with windchill reading in the single digits. If ever a day (or several days) called for some hot chocolate, it's today. And, if you're looking for what many are calling America's best hot chocola…
Some Winter "Life Hacks" to Learn While Shivering
Why is the woman in the above photo smiling (assuming she is, under that hood and scarf)? Because she knows a few winter-weather life hacks to make the season of snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures more tolerable. That, or she's inside in a warm photographer's studio, standing in front of a winter …
Let’s Talk Cold Weather
Having fallen into the deep freeze ourselves, it's easy to think that it doesn't get much colder than it is right now (or will be within the next couple of days).
Of course, we would be quite wrong in thinking that.
Lots of places, or rather, the people who live in lots of places would gladly switch w…

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