Breakfast is the best meal of the day, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with eating "breakfast food" for any of your meals no matter what time of the day it is. Lucky for us, the state of Illinios has some pretty epic dining spots when it comes to breakfast!

There is something extra enjoyable about breakfast on the weekend when you can roll in a little bit later, take your time to enjoy the meal because you don't really have to rush out to get anywhere.

But when you head into a popular breakfast spot on the weekend with an empty stomach, needing some fuel, and on the edge of being hangry, you don't want to wait for an hour or more just to get a seat.

Most people would assume the best city for breakfast in Illinois is Chicago, with some of the top chefs in the country at places like the Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club and Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe.

But if you've ever gone out to grab breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday in Chicago, don't plan on eating anytime soon. An hour to 90-minute wait just to get a table is the norm when out for brunch in the Windy City.

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In the same amount of time it would take you to wait for a table at a top breakfast restaurant on a weekend in downtown Chicago, you could drive to the Forest City and immediately be sitting down for some of the best Swedish pancakes on the planet.

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For the dozens of choices for fantastic food at great prices and the short wait at top restaurants, many of them serving breakfast until well into the afternoon, the best city in Illinois for breakfast is Rockford.

Here are 10 best places to get breakfast and brunch in Rockford, Illinois:

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The best city in Illinois for breakfast and brunch is Rockford, with dozens of great restaurant options.

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