Once again, I find myself being amused by a dumb criminal committing a stupid crime in Wisconsin.

Dumb Criminal Committing Stupid Crime In Wisconsin

Have you ever noticed that crime isn't a smart person's game? It's usually the not-so-bright people trying to pull off the illegal stuff. Of course, they always get caught because of committing a bonehead move. People with common sense know it's not worth getting caught and going to jail. I think this is one of the most idiotic things I've heard about in a long time.

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Moron Wisconsin Thief Caught On Surveillance Stealing Security Cameras

This incident happened recently in Madison. The crime took place at 10 am during the daylight hours. That's starting off with a bad move before even breaking any laws. Obviously, he didn't come up with a good plan for this illegal job. Too bad there isn't some sort of crime class these suspects could take to become successful thieves.

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Security Video Of Surveillance Cameras Being Stolen

So, here's what happened. This brainiac went to a fraternity house near a college campus. They had some surveillance cameras set up outside the building. I'm sure to prevent crime or at least capture footage if something illegal should occur on the property. The suspect proceeded to steal the security system. Well, he never thought about disconnecting them before trying to take them.

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The whole situation was caught on video. How funny is that? The security cameras had surveillance footage of them getting stolen. I think you can call that ironic. With that film, the police were able to track down the suspect very quickly. He still even had the stolen cameras with him. Congratulations sir, you have one the "Dumb Thief of the Week Award."

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