Illinois finally got something right by legalizing recreational marijuana and earning millions of dollars for our broke state.

Thank You To Wisconsin For Not Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

The state of Illinois should send a thank you card to every government official and lawmaker in Wisconsin for not legalizing marijuana. Maybe, they could even go as far as to give them each a cake too. In fact, the majority of them are so strongly against it that it won't be happening anytime soon. I don't think our leaders have any problems with their decision. The reason is thanks to the residents north of the Cheddar Curtain, the Land of Lincoln has made millions.

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Whenever you travel along I-90 at the Illinois and Wisconsin border, do you ever glance over at the cannabis dispensary? It's a huge building in South Beloit that sits right on the state line. Their parking lot is always jam-packed with customers who will wait in line for long periods of time just for the opportunity to purchase legal pot in Illinois.

Ethan Miller
Wisconsin Spends Millions On Illinois Weed

Wisconsin Residents Purchase A Lot Of Weed In Illinois

If you scanned the license plates in the dispensary parking lot, you'll find one find in common. The majority of them are from Wisconsin. Of course, since they can't purchase pot in their state, they come to ours. Without even selling anything to Illinois residents, the cannabis industry is making millions off the Cheeseheads.

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Potheads in Wisconsin accounted for an estimated $36.1 million in tax revenue on marijuana purchased in Illinois, according to a new report.


Wisconsin residents are estimated to have spent $121 million on weed in Illinois in 2022.

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