Wisconsin is known for many amazing and beautiful towns and cities. But, a recent survey highlighted one small town and crowned it the "Best in the Entire State."

Growing up in a small town shaped me as a person probably more than I ever give enough credit for. The local shops, the people and volunteer opportunities were endless and fun. Was it always easy? Definitely not, but with that comes many big lessons I wouldn't have learned in a bigger city.

In a published list by WorldAtlas.com, the site went through every state in America and picked the absolute best small town. And I mean it when I say they took everything into consideration - the scenery, the people, opportunities, etc.

To no one's surprise Galena, Illinois was highlighted on the list. Other Midwest towns included Grand Marais, Minnesota; Winterset, Iowa; and Branson, Missouri.

But, the small town in Wisconsin that was highlighted might shock you. I certainly was because I'd never heard of the town before.

Wisconsin's Best Small Town To Visit

That's right!  New Glarus, Wisconsin has been named the BEST small town in the entire state.  This town looks so cute and full of life. I can definitely see why the town's nickname is America's Little Switzerland

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One thing I personally love about small towns is the buildings that have been there for a long time. Every single local, young or old, will have a story to tell you about it. That, to me, is the true beauty of small-town culture.  I mean, just look at a small slice of what this town has to offer!

I just might have to add this to my little list of local getaways. What are your thoughts?

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