A thief in Illinois had to put in some extra work to break into a bar but they ended up with thousands of dollars.

Illinois Thief Breaks Into Sports Bar For Big Score

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Some criminals in Illinois will do whatever it takes to steal money from an unsuspecting business. This thief is no exception. In fact, I would dare say they take their crime game to the next level. In the end, they ended up with thousands of dollars. Luckily, for the bar, it could've been a lot more.

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Thief Steals Thousands From Illinois Bar

The target was the 5th Quarter Sports Bar in Peoria. The robbery occurred after hours on early Tuesday morning. The burglar entered the building around 6:55 am and was out the door by 7:33 am. The suspect cut a hole in the freezer roof using tools and climbed into the building that way. The thief hit the ATM and gambling machines. The owners believe a few thousand dollars were stolen.

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Masked thief or robber is recorded with security hidden camera.
Thief Steals Thousands From Illinois Bar

Illinois Sports Bar Robbery Could've Been Much Worse

Luckily, for the bar owner, all the machines were emptied after the busy weekend on Monday. Otherwise, they would've been packed with cash. There is security footage of the suspect walking around in the tavern but unfortunately, they were pretty well covered up with a disguise.

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Thief Steals Thousands From Illinois Bar

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