The Chicago Bears are giving one lucky fan the opportunity of a lifetime to sing the National Anthem at the historic Soldier Field before their game on Christmas Eve.

The Experience Of Going To A Sporting Event

Nowadays, going to a sporting event isn't just watching a game, it's a whole experience. There are so many amazing traditions. Some transcend all leagues but others are unique to the organizations themselves. Even though every team does the National Anthem before contests, Chicago has really made it their own. I believe it's a tradition that no one else can equal.

Unique Sports Tradition In Chicago

Through the years, the National Anthem performed at Chicago sporting events has become a "thing." Fans make sure they don't miss it. The Chicago Blackhawks started at the old Chicago Stadium but the other teams in town have followed the tradition. The crowd goes wild during the song so you can barely hear the singer.

It's An Honor To Sing National Anthem In Chicago

It takes someone very special to sing the National Anthem at a game in Chicago. You've got to have some mighty pipes to belt the song out over those extremely loud fans. The Windy City has been home to a couple of the greatest of all time, Wayne Messmer and Jim Cornelison. It's hard to top those two. I get chills just thinking about it.

Rare Opportunity To Sing National Anthem At Soldier Field

I'm sure you can already guess but they won't just let anyone perform the National Anthem in Chicago, especially at Soldier Field for a Bears game. The team is looking for that next great singer. It's a very rare opportunity. If you've got the pipes, then here's your big chance.

The game will be on Christmas Eve when the Bears take on Arizona at Soldier Field. It's going to be a special afternoon and you can be part of history. I would love to see someone from Rockford get the gig. If you've got what it takes, all the information is HERE.

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