When you're a parent it can sometimes be challenging to take your children out for dinner so finding restaurants that are kid-friendly is the key to having a nice family night out.

5 Kid Friendly Restaurants In Illinois

# 1 The Junction Diner (Forest Park)

  • This is a railroad-themed restaurant and what kid doesn't love playing with trains? A model train delivers the food to the children. That will keep their attention.

# 2 Pilot Pete's (Schaumburg)

  • This restaurant is aviation-themed. Kids also love airplanes. Especially, watching them take off and land. This place just doesn't have the flight decor, it's located at the Schaumburg Airport with a great view of the runway. Even children with the shortest attention spans will be entertained.

# 3 American Girl Place (Chicago)

  • This is a very popular place for little girls. I remember taking my daughter there back in the day. It's located inside the American Girl Doll Store (a very popular toy). The children have a special meal with their dolls. They even have high chairs for the dolls. How could not enjoy spending time with their favorite toy?

# 4 Everdine's Grilled Cheese Co (Naperville)

  • Besides the atmosphere of a restaurant, another major factor that makes a place kid-friendly is the menu. For the most part, children are picky eaters. If you take them to a gourmet experience there's most likely going to be nothing for them to eat. This restaurant specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches which is one of the favorite foods for kids. A child with a full stomach is happy.

# 5 Superdawg  (Wheeling)

  • Some parents don't like taking their children out to eat because it's difficult for them to sit still in a restaurant for a long period. Well, here's a great solution. Take the kids to a drive-in. That way they don't even have to get out of the car because that's your dining room. Plus, their menu covers all the favorite foods of little ones.

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