The state of Illinois is definitely full of ridiculous laws but this new one goes too far.

New Law In Snobby Illinois Town Is Upsetting Many Residents

I'm a homeowner, so I understand what it's like to have a bad neighbor that doesn't take care of their house. They make your home and the whole neighborhood look bad. Plus, it doesn't help with the value of your property. In situations like that, I understand a town enforcing rules to make sure they clean it up. Unfortunately, sometimes snobby towns in Illinois will take it too far.

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Illinois Town Bans Work Vans From Parking In Residential Driveways

The town of Burr Ridge is on the attack against work vans in their neighborhoods. They have actually banned them from parking in home driveways. That's so ridiculous. There are plenty of similar vehicles on my block and they aren't harming anyone. It just shows that people in that area work hard. This whole thing is just maddening.

Delivery van - side view
Illinois Town Bans Work Van Driving Parking

Vehicles with no rear windows or rear seating, such as work vans, box trucks, or vehicles with commercial lettering on the side, remain unpermitted to be stored outdoors in residential areas," Walter said.


Certain vehicles, such as semi-trucks, are completely barred in residential areas, both indoors and outdoors.

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So basically, any residents that have a work van aren't allowed to park it in their own driveway. That's just dumb. How are these people supposed to make a living? They are permitted to keep those vehicles in a garage but, of course, most of them are way too big. The local officials have been handing out citations all over the place. Each ticket costs $25. If you don't pay, the price goes up to $50. That's not the kind of town where I want to live.

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