You're familiar with the term "life-hack," right? If not, here's the definition, courtesy of

 a usually simple and clever tip or technique for accomplishing some familiar task more easily and efficiently. "Life hacks," as they are known, are all about eliminating life's manifold frustrations in simple and deliciously clever ways. The best involve tricks that are free, efficient and stunningly obvious in retrospect, deploying household items (like the humble toilet roll) for purposes beyond their wildest aspirations.
There are hundreds and hundreds of life-hack videos out there, and while some of them are actually worthwhile and work, others are a complete joke and won't do much of anything except waste your time and make you angry when they fail.
Where do most of today's life-hack videos come from? Most likely, they're from this social media platform:
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TikTok Has Published Thousands And Thousands Of Life-Hack Videos, And While Some Have Actually Worked, Others Have Failed Spectacularly

If you've found a life-hack that really does the trick for you, congratulations. It doesn't always go that way, according to Cameron Mellor, writing for

However, nine times out of ten, it'll be some arbitrary method that will not only take longer, but also not even work at all. One TikTok video, for example, suggested people boil their wooden spoons to clean them. How long does it take to wash a spoon in the sink? A few seconds. And what about the pan you boil the spoons in? You'll have to wash that too. Not to mention the time boiling the water.

Other less-than-stellar TikTok life-hacks that weren't what they were cracked up to be include:

  • Washing your toilet seat in the dishwasher (wildly unhygienic)
  • Making your own toothpaste (a mess, no time or money saved)
  • The TikTok Perfume Hair Hack (spraying perfume on your hair-straightener to change hair color. Doesn't work, hurts hair)
  • The Egg Hack (dropping a cracked raw egg into boiling water. People were burned)
  • Nyquil Chicken Hack (marinating chicken in Nyquil when you have a cold. Bad idea from start to finish)
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Okay, now you're just being creepy. (Getty Images)

Getting Back To Why Some Illinoisans Are Putting Toilet Paper In Their Refrigerators, Do You Have Any Guesses Why You Should Do It?

Yeah, me neither. My first thought was that it's going to be quite the shock to your system if you use refrigerated toilet paper for its intended purpose. A cold toilet seat is bad enough, I don't need frigid toilet paper to make it worse.

Here's the reason some people are doing this. It's to accomplish the exact same thing that putting a box of baking soda in your fridge is supposed to accomplish, and that's getting rid of refrigerator odors.

“Put a toilet paper in your fridge in a corner where it fits and then just leave it there,” says TikToker SmartFoxLifeHacks in a video. “It is important that you replace the roll about every three weeks. For reasons of hygiene, you should also only put a roll in your fridge straight from the packaging and not put it near your toilet!”

So you may be wondering: does it work?

Somewhat, but only temporarily. The tried-and-true baking soda method remains the number one solution for most households (not to mention baking soda is a lot cheaper than toilet paper).

Here's SmartFox's video:

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