I've heard a lot of great excuses for not mowing your yard but I think this man in Illinois has one of the most creative reasons I've ever heard.

Not Many People In Illinois Enjoy Cutting Their Lawn

As a kid, my friends said I had the best scam going when it came to mowing my parents' lawn. I didn't have to do it because of allergies. At the same time, I played football and baseball on, of course, grass. I'm not really sure how I got away with it. When I look back, I just don't think my dad trusted me to take care of his yard the right way.

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I didn't have to mow until my wife and I bought a house. Honestly, I hate doing it. In fact, I'm not a big yardwork guy. I've joked about cementing my entire lawn so I would never have to do it again. I'll use any excuse to get out of it. There's a guy in Illinois that has taken not cutting his grass to a new level. It's pretty impressive.

Fight Over Illinois Man's Unkept Grass

Illinois Man Fights City Over Unkept Yard

This incident happened in Elmhurst, which is a really nice suburb of Chicago. When someone doesn't take care of their lawn it's a big deal because homeowners in that area spend big bucks to have the best yard in the neighborhood. You're not going to believe what this guy is trying to pull to let his grass grow out of control.

According to patch.com,

He went in front of the city council to push his agenda. First of all, he claims that not cutting his grass is much better for the environment. He would like everyone in his neighborhood to join in his fight. Yeah, that's never going to happen.

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Here's the kicker. He would like to donate his property including his yard and house to the government. Then they convert it into a national park. He even went so far as to call it the smallest national park in the United States. There's only one stipulation, he wants to still live in the house for free. How brilliant. That way he never has to cut his grass ever again. What a creative idea but sorry dude, that's never going to happen so you better start mowing.

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