I remember someone told me many years ago that you don't see smart people on the news because it's always the dumb criminals getting arrested for stupid crimes.

Crime For Dummies In Illinois

Are you familiar with the book series, "... For Dummies?" They've written simple texts about the most common topics. For example "Math For Dummies." They break it down as simple as possible. I originally thought it was a joke but some people could really use them. I think "Crime For Dummies" would be very appropriate and probably a best seller because most criminals are not smart.

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Nomination For Illinois Dumb Criminal Committing Stupid Crimes Of The Week

The incident happened in Germantown. The suspect is a man named Broc Tuggle. He was recently sentenced to 6 months in the Illinois Department of Corrections. His crime was burglary. If this guy would've taken a little time to read "Crime For Dummies," this whole issue could've easily been avoided.

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Illinois Thief Arrested

Epic Fail Gets Illinois Thief Arrested

So here's what happened. The suspect and his partner broke into a well house. Once inside, the duo broke a lock and cut the power to the security system. Then, they started removing items. They ended up with over $2,000 in stolen goods. That's not a bad little haul for some small-time thieves.

According to foxillinois.com,

They probably would've gotten away with it but like most dumb criminals, they had an epic fail. First of all, before they turned off the security cameras, they were caught in the act on video. Here's the big problem. The suspect left his driver's license at the scene of the crime. He deserved to get arrested after that idiotic move.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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