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After Drinking Too Much Booze This School Board Member In Illinois Is Arrested

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Our story begins very late on New Year's Eve in the suburbs just outside of Chicago. A member of the DuPage High School District 88 board decided to go out and celebrate. She would've been much better off staying home for the evening. Instead, she experienced probably one of the worse days of her life.

Illinois School Board Member Arrested For DUI & More
Illinois School Board Member Arrested For DUI & More

While she was out partying our suspect stopped at a couple of different bars having several drinks throughout the evening. An officer observed her driving erratically. When he approached the vehicle he could smell alcohol. The woman's speech was slurred. Plus, she had trouble concentrating. He had to request her driver's license and registration several times.

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He discovered a few disturbing things in her car including open whiskey bottles, 3 Fireball shots, and a cannabis vape pen. There was also new damage to the side of the vehicle but she denied hitting anything.

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During questioning, she gave some really interesting responses. When asked about hitting a curb, she said it happens all the time. The suspect told the cop that she checked her personal breathalyzer and it read she was under the limit. Of course, he couldn't find it in her car. The school board member explained for some weird reason that she got into an argument at a bar with a man that had three DUIs and an obvious drinking problem.

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This lady finally admitted to probably drinking too much and shouldn't have been driving. She was arrested. Not a good way to start the new year. This incident will most likely cause her to lose her spot on the school board.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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