Unfortunately, this very scary and sad story in Illinois doesn't end on a happy note.

Bad Ending To Crazy Illinois Crime Story

Over the past couple of years, I've found stories about dumb criminals committing crazy crimes absolutely fascinating. When I read something about one of those situations, my mind immediately starts going a million miles per hour. My brain comes up with all these insane endings and reasons why they actually took place.

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Since the authorities are dealing with criminals, they never really know what they'll do. Of course, sometimes they end up with a funny finish. Definitely, not in this case. This place turned violent and it didn't finish well for anyone involved.

Fight At Illinois Walmart
Meat Cleaver Attack In Illinois

No One Wins, Meat Cleaver Versus Gun In Illinois

The problem happened recently in Round Lake. The local police received a call about a man in trouble. Apparently, he was bleeding very badly. The caller had feared that the subject attempted to take his own life and was trying to help him. When the officers arrived, they discovered the victim lying on a bed in a pool of blood.

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The cops checked the body and were able to find vital signs. They immediately jumped to life-saving maneuvers. As the police started helping the bloodied man, he became conscious and jumped up in shock. There was a meat cleave sitting next to him, so he grabbed it and attacked the authorities. For protection, one of the officers pulled out his gun and shot the guy with the meat cleaver. Unfortunately, it was a fatal hit. Detectives are investigating the issue to try and figure out what happened. At this point, there are no answers.

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