Everybody loves to laugh and there are plenty of opportunities this summer with a bunch of funny comedy shows coming to Illinois.

Illinois Comedy Is Legendary

I would put the comedy and comedians in Illinois up against anywhere else in the world. We have historic clubs and theaters where icons have cut their teeth performing to eventually become famous. Places like Zanies and The Improv. Comedians like Jim Belushi and Richard Pryor. That's very hard to top.

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Illinois Is A Hot Bed For Comedy

If you enjoy the funny then Illinois is a great place to live. We get tons of comedians that come to our state to perform, especially in Chicago. Comedy is so huge right now, you can hit a show constantly. This summer there are a bunch on the calendar. Since it's a lot to go through, I'll help you out with some of the highlights.

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Top 10 Comedy Shows In Illinois This Summer

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