With temperatures near 100 this week, here are two things you could do to bring a little relief to those who have to work outside all day long.

Dangers of Extreme Heat

The National Weather Service is forecasting another VERY hot week with Excessive Heat Warnings. The forecasted highs for the next few days are near 100 degrees.

No matter your age, or current health condition, oppressive heat like this and our beloved humidity can really mess with our bodies, inside and out.

Dehydration, rashes, muscle cramps, elevated heart rate, respiratory stress, heat edema, sunburns, and so much more.

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When you add those big bags that many postal carriers are lugging around, you can understand why one Loves Park, Illinois postal carrier made this hilarious request of residents on his route:

I have a weird question..... I'm a mail carrier and will be in loves park tomorrow delivering. Most of our trucks have no air conditioning. Is it possible that you could make a post asking our Love's Park people if they could turn their sprinklers on so us mail carriers can cool down? Please and thank you!

I love that idea! I hope I get to see the joy of a postal carrier running through someone's sprinkler.

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This postal carrier's message was shared in the Loves Park Neighborhood Watch Group on Facebook and they had an additional suggestion if you can't run the sprinkler. Leave a frozen bottle of water next to your mailbox.

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If you're looking for something to do with your kids, you could freeze several bottles of water and drive around handing them out to other people who have to work outside in this heat.

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