I'm going to start by saying this may be one of the most vulnerable pieces I ever write. But with that, I'm hoping I can encourage people who relate to find the comfort with themselves that I struggled to find as a teenager.

A dermatologist I've been going to in Rockford at MDSkin has been the one to finally help me crack open my emotions about this. She probably doesn't even realize it, seeing me is just another day in the office for her. It's the normalizing attitude she gives that's been the biggest aid.

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I've struggled with acne since I was a teenager. I'd primarily get it on my jaw, in my hairline, and on my chest & back from working out. As a teenage girl, that was a literal hell for me. I felt SO insecure wearing swimsuits or dresses because I didn't want to be seen. I just wouldn't go anywhere.

I felt like the most hideous girl on the planet because of it, and I would spend nights sobbing and praying for it to just go away. Not to mention, no one talks about how physically painful acne can be!

I'm going to be bold and put some pictures out there, so be nice to me! If there's one thing to know about us acne-girlies, we're gonna take pictures. Now that things are better, people don't believe me when I say I struggled with it. My skin is a lot more clear now, but these are flare-ups from a few months ago.

Growing Up With Acne
Olivia Williams, Canva

Social Media's Positive Influence On Helping People Who Struggle With Acne

Weirdly enough, social media has been a big help in me letting go of what people think when they see my breakouts or scarring.

And if you know me, you know I will never shut up about TikTok and my favorite influencer Alix Earle. She struggles with it too, and her transparency about it is why I love her. Her showing her pictures made me want to discuss it more. I even made a TikTok about her conversations about it!

@thelivwilliams #stitch with @alixearle acne is normal. TY alix💕 #acne #acnetreatment #skincare #dapsonegel #fyp #skincare #mentalhealthmatters #foryoupage ♬ original sound - thelivwilliams

If you or people you love struggle with acne, just know I see you and feel you.

It's a tough, uncomfortable, and conflicting experience. And this is easier said than done, but do not in any way let your struggle define you.

You're still pretty and I promise guys will talk to you haha. You're allowed to wear a swimsuit or a dress and feel great.

Please, don't let a stupid breakout prevent you from being happy.


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