If the very next thing you do isn't check your Illinois Powerball tickets, you're making a $100,000 mistake. YOUR ticket could be the unclaimed winner.

Unclaimed Illinois Powerball Jackpot

Switch on 'PANIC MODE', that Powerball ticket you thought was a big loser, might be a six-digit stack of extra holiday cash. Start looking for your old tickets, one of them could be the winner

Powerball Jackpot Expected To Reach A Whopping Record-Breaking 1.5 Billion Dollars
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Here's what we know from the Illinois Lottery's unclaimed jackpot department:

Unclaimed Illinois Lottery Ticket Sold in Loves Park, Illinois

An unclaimed ticket for the September 10th Powerball drawing worth $100,000 was sold at Road Ranger at 7500 E. Riverside Blvd. in Loves Park.

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Illinois Lottery Rules for Unclaimed Tickets

If you win an Illinois Lottery prize, you have one year from the original draw date to claim the prize. The original draw date for the unclaimed ticket sold at Road Ranger in Loves Park was September 10.

According to the Illinois Lottery's website, since just June of 2023, over four million dollars in prize money has been unclaimed.

The single largest unclaimed jackpot is $2,000,000. If you're curious, that ticket was sold at Lenny's Gas N Wash located at 1201 W Jefferson St. in Shorewood, Illinois.

Illinois Lottery Unclaimed Jackpot and Daily Game Prizes

LA Times, Getty Images
LA Times, Getty Images

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See the full list of unclaimed jackpot prizes HERE. For more information please visit IllinoisLottery.com.

The Illinois Lottery recently introduced a new scratch-off ticket with more cash prizes than ever before and the largest jackpots the state has ever seen.


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