We all get triggered by things in life.  Sometimes, we can see it coming and other times... it hits us when we least expect it.

Personally, I get triggered really easily by sounds that resemble gunshots.  I've always been extremely terrified of mass shootings and I try to avoid large crowds or holiday events, but even when someone drops something heavy I am still very sensitive to the sound of it.

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For others, it could be as simple as a word or phrase that makes them anxious or lash out.  From negative experiences, bad memories, and unresolved emotional damage, these all factor into triggering encounters.

"Triggers are anything that might cause a person to recall a traumatic experience they've had. For example, graphic images of violence might be a trigger for some people. Less obvious things, including songs, odors, or even colors, can also be triggers, depending on someone's experience." [healthline]

I always keep in mind that our brains react defensively, releasing stress hormones and prompting intense emotional responses as a way of protection.

With this, it is fascinating to know the most "triggering" phrase in the entire country is a pretty simple phrase that nobody likes to hear.  Ever.


Bad News! This Is The Most Triggering Phrase In Illinois

“I have some bad news” is the #1 phrase we feel triggered by.

Other phrases on the list:

"We need to talk"

"I expected more from you"

"It's all your fault"

"You should know better"

"It's an emergency"

"We're going to be late"

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Language is everything.  When we speak, it's so much easier to be straightforward, give clarity, and not leave people feeling anxious.  Let's use more "stress-reducing" phrases like "we'll figure it out" or "no need to rush" and maybe life will get a little easier on your mind!

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