Over the past few days, a new text message scam has been targeting Illinois parents and it could be really dangerous.  Here's what you need to know.

Illinois has been getting hit with so many horrible scams lately.  From stealing your card information online, to gift card blackmailing and counterfeit money scams, this newest one might be the worst scam a parent could fall victim to.

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We've all gotten text messages from unknown numbers.  Most of them accidentally text the wrong number, but others purposely text us with bad intentions.

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Beware Of Extremely Dangerous Text Message Scam in Illinois

This is what a woman shared on Facebook. I've had a few friends say they've gotten similar messages from different phone numbers:

"To all parents out there!
This is a scam that has been going around recently, as I just received this text. Don’t reply if you get this type of message. Have a code word with your child!" [Rachel L]

Rachel posted this screenshot of a text she received from a number she didn't have saved in her phone.

"Hi mom, sorry I'm messaging you off my friends phone I've broke mine could you message me on 1-249-500-3501 its urgent"


This is so scary knowing people are probably going to fall for it and think their child is in danger.  You know you'd do anything to save your kiddos - that's how they get you!

So, if you receive a text that looks pretty identical to this and your kids are out with friends, just know it's most likely is a scam.  Call your kids' actual phone numbers and have secret code words to see if they're okay before responding to the unknown number.

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