With Halloween being on a Tuesday this year, tons of people celebrated the spooky holiday the weekend before in Illinois.

I couldn't get on social media the last few days without seeing everyone posting their clever, hilarious, and homemade Halloween costumes on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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My favorite part of Halloween is seeing everyone's pets dressed up.  As much as we know most of our pets hate clothing, it's still the cutest thing to see a dog walking around as a little devil lol.

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My least favorite costumes I've seen?  Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.  If you're thinking about doing it, please don't - or at least have your boyfriend be Taylor to spice things up haha.

Over the weekend, I ran into a mom with her baby girl at an event and her daughter's costume was the most adorable, creative thing I've ever seen.

Illinois Mom's Adorable Homemade Costume Breaks The Internet

Sure, we can all go buy a costume or quickly put something together, but this Illinois mom took the time to make sure her baby girl had a smashing time for Halloween while looking stunning as a Piñata!



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Not sure how she got into the costume, but I know with all that felt... she's going to be sooooo warm for Halloween day!  I heard it's supposed to be below zero weather - bundle up and don't get sick!

Who knew a baby in a Piñata costume could bring so much joy to the internet?

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